How are our bread/roll/bun products made?

Stage 1

Our baker arrives early hours of the morning. All ingredients are precisely weighed out and added to the mixer. Mixing of the ingredients starts and our bread/roll/bun dough is created.

Stage 2

Once the dough has been created it is transferred to the scaling table and covered. We do not use any additional chemicals or preservatives to force our doughs. They are left to prove for approx. 1hr+. After it has doubled in size, it is knocked back, scaled to required weights and hand moulded. Its then covered again and given another prove time. After this it is knocked back again, hand moulded into required shape and transferred into our proving rack for its final rise.

Stage 3

We do not have fancy machinery in our bakery to force our products. We let them prove in their own time. Once they have reached the required size on our trays or in our tins they are transferred to the oven for baking.


Product dependant the baking time could be 10 minutes upto 45 minutes. Every product is different and we want it to be served to you at its best.


Once baked our products are transferred in to the selling area and allowed to cool naturally. So be prepared if you come in early our products may still be warm. 

From start to finish the average production time of a loaf of bread is three and a half hours!


Our bakery area comprises of a mixer and baking equipment (oven/hot plate/fryer and hob. No fancy moulding machinery, all our bread, roll and bun products are hand moulded the old fashioned way. No fancy modern tricks. We believe this gives our customers a better, traditional product.

Fresh Products Daily with only the finest ingredients.